Getting going…

Today the Ideas Factory got going in earnest. A group of scientists arrived this morning at a country house outside Southampton, which would feel delightfully rural if it wasn’t for grey skies and continuous rain. There’s no time to enjoy the surroundings, though – we’ve spent the day immersed in flip charts and post-it notes, beginning the process of getting to know each other, finding out what we each have to offer by way of expertise and other skills, and beginning to define the problem.
New Place conference centre
Some damp ideas factory participants outside the conference centre.

It all feels very chaotic at the moment, but I expect that the process of finding definition will start in the bar this evening.

Richard Jones


1 Response to “Getting going…”

  1. 1 Martin G Smith January 8, 2007 at 9:56 pm

    While the house looks familiar, I am reminded that the house I was once associated with was in fact near Bristol, not Southampton. I mention this because it was back in the early 70’s when there resided an Ideas Factory of a different sort, where work on projects was progressive and whenever something was needed, it would just appear, usually by the ‘Lorry Load’.
    Coming then to today, a different time, with new challenges, with new opportunities, I have a great interest in what occurs in the Sandpit.

    I coordinate a program on Vancouver Island, British Columbia which is dedicated to shunting people, particularly the young from the destructive path taken on Chrystal Meth. What I have found to work is to focus their attention for long enough so as to give them a reason not to, than help them get free of the addiction. Nanotechnology has all the ingredients, able to be a game of sorts, but with a constructive end.
    One of the pillars of the program has been a highly successful ‘Fab’ shop, which is free standing and contributes financially to the other parts of the program. I am currently assembling the parts for our first Nano-lab and voraciously watch developments with an agenda to, in the not too distant future, go 3D with the program.
    It is my fervent hope that what comes out of this Ideas Factory will be shared widely.

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