That was the week that was

Well, now the dust has settled and the Big Brother house has closed its doors it’s time to think of the future. As David suggested, we need to think carefully about how all this energy is taken forward, but not too carefully such that the momentum is lost!

Very shortly we wil be able release details of the outcomes of the sand pit and the work will be kicking off shortly after that.  In the mantime a huge thank you to Richard, the mentors and all the participants for entering in to the full spirit of the week and congratulations for surviving.

Oh, and if you’ve been reading all about this and would like to get involved then look out for a call for proposals for an IDEAS factory in the near future.



1 Response to “That was the week that was”

  1. 1 Martin G. Smith January 15, 2007 at 10:23 pm

    The dust has settled and the ghosts have repopulated the realm, feasting on the bits of knowledge left behind. Beware of new anecdotes of happening on a very small scale.
    The one thing which was gratifying in all of this is that the team never forgot to ‘Blog’. It is to be hoped that this will remain a standard protocol for all future Sandpits. For me it was most beneficial, Thank You

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